depression A painful disease

Depression and anxiety are dangerous diseases that easily trap people who suffer from constant fear and worry.

There are three types of this mental illness including panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and phobias. Occasional bouts of impatience and anxiety are a part of everyone’s life, but if these symptoms of anxiety persist for six months or more, it is called an anxiety disorder. All day-to-day activities like school, office and home life are adversely affected by this item.

In ‘Generalized Anxiety Disorder’, a person is constantly worried about various aspects of their life like health, relationships and business etc. Inability to concentrate on work, muscle spasms and constant worry are the symptoms of this disease.

‘Panic disorder’ refers to sudden onset of extreme fear, which takes hold of the body very quickly and results in the following effects on our body: physical tremors, sweating Drunk body, rapid heart rate, labored breathing which also affects oxygen supply, severe depression. This condition arises as a result of a certain type of physical and mental change which can be different for every person. It is very important for people suffering from this disease to know these things.

The third major category of anxiety disorders is phobias, which can be of several types. For example, withdrawal depression, fear of a particular object and social phobia. Fear of moving away or separation can affect both children and adults. In this, a person starts to think that going away from a certain person will harm him. Fear of a specific object. In this, a person becomes extremely afraid of a particular object, such as driving, heights, blood, plane travel, injections, snakes or spiders.

Similarly, in social phobia, a person starts avoiding doing anything by being afraid of the presence of many people. Treatment for this disorder may vary depending on the type of disease. But generally there are two aspects to the treatment of these disorders: Psychotherapy, which involves changing the person’s thinking through negotiation; and drug treatment, including antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

I myself have been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past several years and the condition is gradually worsening. I used to have a laughing and cheerful personality, but now I am confined to the house. Career, office, friends all missed. Physical health is taken very seriously here, but unfortunately mental health is not given importance.

I also often face such things that depression is not a disease, pray, do charity, etc. People think that just like fever, cold, can be cured with two days of doctor’s medicine, the problem of depression should also be solved in the same way. In fact, the duration of its treatment can be quite long, a good psychiatrist should be consulted for treatment.

A person suffering from this disease suffers a lot. If one goes on a journey from home, one’s heart trembles so that God willing, no accident will happen. Don’t let anything bad happen. Various whispers and thoughts come to the mind, tired of which the person starts thinking about suicide.

Readers are requested to consider depression and anxiety as a dangerous disease. There will be many people around you who are suffering from these diseases, you should support them, encourage them, talk to them, explore their problems. Give them a calm environment at home. Your small effort may bring someone back to life.

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